Will Rise Strengthen The Blockchain?

Rise (RISE) is one part developer platform and one part digital currency and together it claims to be the most powerful delegated proof of stake blockchain in the world.

We’ll take a deep dive into both aspects of RISE’s personality in an effort to see where the strength lies for its future upside. Rise was created to fulfill the developmental problem inherent in the blockchain ecosystem. In its current iteration RISE presents a platform for what is known in the blockchain as decentralized distributed applications (DAPPs). These DAPPS are community driven and are based on a specific engine called the delegated proof of stake (DPoS) blockchain. Rise (RISE)

The way DAPPS work under the DPoS paradigm is like this. Thanks to the way the system works, developers will be now able to build their applications in a fully decentralized and distributed environment. And because individual copies of the blockchain will reside on specific, isolated nodes, developers will no longer have to worry about a complete collapse of the underlying infrastructure supporting each app. So long as developers use the RISE development tools, created DAPPs will utilize the proprietary Rise side chain technology which connects to the main chain interface.

The developer tools available to developers are truly something special. Not only will they have access to specialized SDKs, developers will also have the opportunity to build out an integration mainframe tapping into RISE’s API. Developers will have access to a mix of programming languages. These languages include the standard languages used to build most of the web and will include TypeScript with JavaScript, Python, C# and Ruby.

The trust environment for the development of DAPPs on the RISE platform is also something developers are talking about. Few could have imagined the flexibility and built-in protection available to developers. Maintained by 101 delegates nodes, developers will be able to tap into the DPOS network Rise (RISE)knowing fully well that their efforts are protected by a well-maintained a democratic system. The voters that have oversight for the nodes are community based and are selected based on their input votes from their RISE wallets. This gives the proof of stake blockchain its proper credentials and helps to explain why many are now flocking to RISE to see how they can attach themselves to something growing.

As for the currency, RISE has been pushing as it looks to develop into a proper digital token with widespread distribution. The current market cap for the token is a stellar $17.5M; this is a nifty position for the token even though it is nowhere near where coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum are sitting. Can RISE reach those levels? Only time will tell but for now it appears as if the stakes in RISE are climbing as more and more investors and traders discover the token. The token ranks 831 on coinranking.com but that is not to say that it isn’t getting attention. On that same website RISE is one of the trending digital tokens, a sign perhaps that the efforts that led to its recognition are now starting to pay off.

There are 123M coins in circulation which by the total supply figure supplied, shows that RISE is maxed out in terms of coin availability. The 7 day high is around $0.185 though it has climbed higher when assessed over its last 30 days of trading. The 30-day high for the digital token is currently $0.204 and it appears as there is a bullish sentiment that is trailing the token as investors and traders try to figure out where it is going. Given the underlying strength of the infrastructure for RISE, it will be interesting to see how things develop in the coming months.


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