What Is Primalbase (PBT)?

It’s not often that a cryptocurrency rockets into the second most valuable digital token without having first paid its dues in the public space. Yet this is precisely what Primalbase (PBT) has done. The big question on the minds of digital currency traders and investors is what precisely is this monster of token and why is it laying waste to some of the biggest names in crypto.

The answer is not as convoluted as you’d expect with something like this for the PBT mystique, stripped bare, is really about the merger of two ideas: office space and shared community. This is how it works.

Primalbase (PBT)Shared office space is nothing new in the ever-changing world of technology and the internet. But what PBT developers have done is tied the idea of shared office space to something much larger. With the PBT model, office space is divided in private offices for use by companies that have a shared tie-in. This tie-in could be the nature of the work undertaken or even an underlying core set of values and philosophy. Only companies that are a part of the core Primalbase community are able to access this shared space. The unifying principle is one of shared crypto-economic relations.

But PBT and its ecosystem are not only about creating physical space; it’s far more than that. The spaces themselves are pitched as places where individual or groups can tap into their latent creative power. The comfort and dynamism of each PBT space is seen as a catalyst for real creative output. The raw technology focus of the ecosystem also helps PBT to deliver in an area that is integral to the sustainable growth of the blockchain and digital currencies in general.

This area is platform testing and Primalbase has made it a priority to attract the latest and greatest developers interested in laying out their work and putting it through the rigors of testing. The PBT environment provides a dynamic environment for testing new products. The end result is a testing environment where divergent technology professionals can more or less bring their powers to bear in a unified manner. This creates the multiplier effect of having the cohesion currently being cultivated in the PBT environment.

The community aspect of PBT has created something else, too. A tech community like no other, PBT brings together a mix of project teams, tech entrepreneurs, developers, and individual researchers, all working in a shared knowledge environment to produce truly great work.

This community sense that drives the growth of Primablase as an ecosystem and shared space network is hardly surprising. This is a digital currency platform that is, after all, a merger between two established platforms/currency. PBT is a merger between two separate blockchains in the form of Ethereum and Waves.

Primalbase (PBT)

The result is a PBT token that is currently trading for around $3,447, second in valuation only to Bitcoin (BTC). This valuation is no doubt surprising for many traders and investors, many of whom would have completely missed the growth in popularity of the token. PBT’s 30-day performance has been truly solid. On May 20 it traded for around $2,239 following which it dipped to around $1,574 on May 24, 2018. There was a bit of a plateau with the token rising no higher than $1,600 over the fooling weeks to around June 2. Since then it has climbed higher, hitting $2,650 on June 3. Valuation has risen steadily since June 3 with a breakout occurring on June 16 when PBT hit a high of $3,158. PBT is fast approaching $4,000 which leads to the obvious question: can it breach that level?

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