Is Waves (WAVES) The Crypto Platform of the Future?

These days cryptocurrencies are almost as ubiquitous as sand so it’s very difficult at times to judge the value of particular tokens. That applies unless you are dealing with a token that is more of a platform than a token. Waves (WAVES) is the token cum platform that seems built to make value-appreciation and segmentation possible. But what is WAVES, really?

WAVES was developed to act more like a platform for the development of other cryptocurrencies than it was to be an actual token. Unlike the standard tokens (think Bitcoin (BTC) et al), WAVES is a truly access-driven platform that opens up the blockchain to developers.

The platform provides access to the blockchain in a non-standard and unique way. Developers interested in issuing digital assets can do so on the back of a raft of platform features. There is secure storage, an important feature and safeguard for any young digital token looking to attract users. Then there is a trading component which allows developers to openly promote and attract users, buyers and investors to the created token. Top it all off and you have WAVES management capabilities that brings together a deep mesh of management and deployment features that make developing feature rich tokens a truly achievable goal for most developers.

But WAVES is not just concerned with harnessing blockchain for development of individual tokens and a crypto ecosystem. No, the platform is concerned with governance. This it’s shown is possible thanks to a 2017 partnership established with one of the largest consulting and accounting firms in the world, Deloitte. The partnership was anchored on the goal of creating a legal framework for the wider adoption of blockchain technologies. This gives WAVES a significant seat at the table and positions the platform as one of the leading architects of how blockchain could and might work in the future.

This high-level framework involvement has helped position WAVES as a credible practical solution for a number of stakeholders in the blockchain. Developers for instance, can enjoy the benefits of a very high network throughput capacity. This is accompanied with low latency and most important of all, low transaction fees. For traders the platform has developed a platform that allows for the secure storage of digital assets. This is done on one of the must-have features of any tradable platform, a decentralized exchange or DEX. For Organizations or individuals looking to build their own ecosystem and tokens the platform provides the blockchain deployment capabilities only a handful of crypto platforms have been able to develop and deploy. Thanks to a fully integrated set of tools which include elements like crowdfunding and loyalty programs, WAVES allows organizations to fully plug into the blockchain and develop their own tokens.

On top of all this, WAVES declare that it is the “fastest blockchain in the world.” This is one big boast and the token/platform has certainly been doing its best to live up to the boast. This can be seen in the trading position of the actual token itself. Very recent trading has seen WAVES rise to highs of around $6.21. But this belies the actual upside potential of the token. The one-month high for the token is a decent $7.86, a mark it achieved on May 3, 2018. The one-year high is even higher; and at $16.32, WAVES has shown that it can actually print big numbers when the right set of circumstances put themselves together. The big question now will be how far WAVES can go on the current block of steam. So far the token has fluctuated largely below $10. WAVES will be an interesting watch in the coming months.

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