What is Waltonchain (WTC)?

Waltonchain has made a bold new promise in the era of monetizing and scaling the blockchain. It’s done it on a totally different paradigm to most developed tokens on the blockchain. Using the Internet of Things, Waltonchain (WTC) is looking to make the Value of the Internet of Things (VIOT) a mainstream thing. Developers believe that they’ve created the perfect access to a commercial ecosystem that integrates the real world with the blockchain.

This is how they do it via Waltonchain logic. The system allows child chain creation to expend WaltonCoins (WTC). Growth is posited to be potentially positive due to the growing number of businesses that will potentially join the ecosystem as it gets more popular. The upside according to WTC waltonchain (WTC)developers is that the new in-ecosystem demands will drive demand for the token proper as businesses look for resources to build out their own child chains. Developers have created a system that allows for the distribution of tokens (A coins and B coins) that creates a raft of sales child chains that operate on a high-frequency distribution.

So far the 4-stage developmental plan for Waltonchain has seen the rollout in Tries, SMEN, and Kaltendin. The developer team has already started the research and development phase of the platforms RFID beacon chip; the integration to come will allow for the seamless and organic integration with the blockchain and the internet of things. The application that will come out the completed chip is a solution for retailers who already use RFID, but who have had a problem implementing it at scale. Waltonchain (WTC) developers believe that this is the token that helps the clothing industry finally turn the corner in terms of digital involvement in the retail value-chain.

But Waltonchain is not just looking to shake up retail. Developers have developed a RFID protocol for the manufacturing sector. Using the lean methodology, developers have created a protocol that will help facilitate Lean Management Practical projects that are based on the power and potential industrial-grade RFID technology. In terms of boarder implications we can only speculate about its potential. But one thing is certain with new technologies that are built on the blockchain – the real-world integration into the digital space is a sign of the times and a marker for what the future will look like ion a scaled paradigm.

waltonchain (WTC)Governance of the ecosystem is staked on a wide system of accountability and transparency. According to the website showcasing the platform and token, around 90% of the transaction fees will be allocated to the wallets of child book-keeping nodes. The other 10% will be exchanged to WTC and allocated to the wallets of parent chain book-keeping nodes that are built into the platform.

Traders and investors haven’t missed the potential of the VIOT idea and trading in the token has been busy. Currently WTC as a token is trading for around $5.55 but it has hit as high as $7.80 in the last 30 days. The all-time high is a whopping $39.50 and the current market cap is $138.25M. Daily volume is worth around $5.74M presently and of the total supply of WTC coins of 70M, around 24.9M are actually in circulation.

As tokens go, WTC is one of the cohorts of tokens that are making steady gains in popularity all the while maintaining their uniqueness of application. The trend seems to be continuing and many other digital token platforms are starting to move beyond the mere business of facilitating financial transactions. The blockchain is now starting to take center stage in the brave new world imagined by the tech leaders of the world and WTC seems ready to play its part in making this happen globally.


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