The best images of the first ‘supermoon’ of 2018

A “supermoon” 11% larger than usual and 5.5% more bright could be observed yesterday afternoon, occupying the point closest to Earth.

This was the second of a series of three “superlunas”, the first was observed on December 3 and the last will be on 31 this month, but yesterday was the largest of the three, reported the Astronomical Observatory of Cordoba on your Facebook page.

The Moon occupied the so-called “perigee” (distance closest to Earth) at 365,000 kilometers when the average distance is 384,000, while at the same time it will be in perfect alignment with the Sun.

The satellite has an elliptical orbit, sometimes closer to the Earth and others farther away, but when it reaches its closest point and is in perfect alignment with the Sun, it could be seen 11% larger and 5.5% higher. hundred brighter.

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