Can Melon (MLN) Really Disrupt the $84.9T Asset Management Industry?

Melon (MLN)

Ever since Airbnb and Uber disrupted their respective industries, there has been a push to see just how far, and how many things, are susceptible to disruption. Unsurprisingly disruption has arrived at the doorstep of blockchain and the army of digital currency platforms that are springing up. Leading the charge among the disruptors is Melon (MLN), a digital currency platform ...

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What Is Primalbase (PBT)?


It’s not often that a cryptocurrency rockets into the second most valuable digital token without having first paid its dues in the public space. Yet this is precisely what Primalbase (PBT) has done. The big question on the minds of digital currency traders and investors is what precisely is this monster of token and why is it laying waste to ...

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Does Stratis (STRAT) Have Firm Foundations?


Digital tokens are coming thick and fast and at the rate of introduction it is becoming harder for new tokens to stand out. But no so Stratis (STRAT); from the start this token has shown the potential to grow and become one of the more recognized and stable digital currencies in the ever-evolving blockchain ecosystem. But what helps define STRAT ...

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Is Hacken (HKN) A Game changer?


There’s a digital token or cryptocurrency for every conceivable group interest out there so the big question was asked: why can’t the white hat community get its own token? The answer to that question is Hacken (HKN), the world’s first Ethereum based cryptocurrency designed and deployed specifically for cyber-security professionals. The model harnesses the power of the blockchain to create ...

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Is Pura (PURA) The World-Changer?


Cryptocurrencies come with a lot of promise and it is hardly the case these days that each coin developed isn’t trying to change the world in some way. For some its just marketing speak, an attempt to seduce would-be traders and investors into using a coin. But for Pura (PURA), the inclination and dedication to changing the world is a ...

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Will Rise Strengthen The Blockchain?

Rise (RISE) is one part developer platform and one part digital currency and together it claims to be the most powerful delegated proof of stake blockchain in the world. We’ll take a deep dive into both aspects of RISE’s personality in an effort to see where the strength lies for its future upside. Rise was created to fulfill the developmental ...

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Is Paypex (PAYX) The Future Of Blockchain Payments?

PAYX Paypex

Cryptocurrencies are sweeping the world, threatening to undermine established currencies and monetary system, but they have an Achilles heel. That Achilles heel is high costs, something which is preventing digital currencies from making a serious, credible threat to established currencies. Few digital currency platforms have looked to fill the void and make payments and transfers easier; few that is until ...

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What Is Crypviser (CVCoin) And Why Is It Trending?


Crypviser (CVCoin) seems to be awakening currently and few people seem to understand why. A little digging suggests a few possible answers but before we explore them, let’s take a look at the token itself. CVCoin launched its long awaited Crypviser Decentralized Secure Messenger for the Blockchain on April 30, 2018 to much fanfare and applause from the developers and ...

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Curecoin (CURE) Gets Ready To Rid The World Of Disease


Can there be anything even remotely close to a disease free world? That’s the question medical science and the general public at large has been asking for the last 50 years. It’s not a question easily answered but developers of Curecoin (CURE) believe ardently that a disease free world is possible and that it is Curecoin that will do it. ...

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Can Mazacoin (MZC) Deliver On Its Promise?


A whole of host of cryptocurrencies have been launched in the last 5 years or so but few have had a humanitarian component as strong as Mazacoin (MZC). The digital coin was launched in 2014 as the official currency of the traditional Lakota Nation, the Native American tribe in the United States of America. This is the first bold step ...

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