Semillera incorporates drones to monitor corn

Nidera launched a service for its producers. It is also available for sunflower.

With one eye on the latest technologies applied to agriculture and the other in providing a differential service to producers, Nidera Semillas has launched a new proposal that is unique in the market. The seed dealer network will start this year with a group of drones that will fly over the lots of maize, collecting different types of useful information for the crop, which will then be analyzed and shared with the producers, as part of the experience The company is creating for its customers.

“We are always thinking about how to add value to our seeds and how to provide superior service to our customers,” says Ignacio Beltramino, commercial director of Nidera Semillas.

Coverage area

The initiative, which is limited in this first stage to the cultivation of corn, involves 40 distributors deployed in different parts of the country, from Charata, in Chaco, to Tres Arroyos, in Buenos Aires, passing through Tucumán, Córdoba, Santa Fe and Entre Rivers.

From now on, the network’s technical advisors will visit their customers equipped with a DJI Matrice 100 drone, an ideal team to work in the field for its autonomy, robustness and resistance to different climatic conditions. “This is a platform that can support different types of sensors or cameras.In principle, the project starts with multispectral sensors and RGB visual sensors, but over the years new devices can be incorporated, such as thermal sensors or other lengths. wave and resolutions “, explains Nicolás Bergmann, owner of Taguay, the company that develops this proposal with Nidera Semillas.


In the field, two types of flights are carried out on the lots: the first one of reconnaissance, with a camera that provides zenith images from which faults are detected in the sowing, areas with waterlogging, among other data. “In this type of flight you can see the crop from a totally different perspective and change the way you think. When you look horizontally at waist level, you see along and it looks like a perfect board. But when you look at it from above you start noticing a lot of things you did not imagine, “says Bergmann.

The second is an automatic flight where the distributor configures a flight plan and the drone autonomously overflies the surface and from its sensors collects information that will then be analyzed by the US company Precision Hawk, leader in this type of service. In less than two days, the producer will receive all the processed data in two reports: an environment map and an altimetry map with which you can make decisions and make adjustments to achieve more efficient production, optimize your business and obtain higher yields.

 “The level of detail that can be accessed with this type of technology is much higher than what we are used to seeing with satellites.” From the green index ambience map you can visualize the vigor of the crop, weed patches or the georeference of stressed environments, “says the manager of Taguay.

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