Rapid wildfire gets Californians peeing in their pants

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She clasped her hands holding them up facing the heavens, for a quick action prayer to send some miracle down. His eyes teared up, how can a man cry so deeply? Agitated, frustrated and scared, they might as well have all peed in their pants. Don’t laugh just yet. Do you  know how much scare can get you peeing in your pants? When a fire is practically burning the threads of your fabric and gradually gets to your skin – you’d most likely feel that itching of terror beat within you. Your neurons won’t help it and let out the ease. Even a chicken runs for its life.

I lit a candle one night by my bedside, just a mere candle. A  few minutes later, I slept off while trying to marinate in the candles scent. Only that I woke up to the scent of smoke suffocating the oxygen in my  lungs. I had started screaming, yelling and without knowing it, I shit my pants. My father eventually put out the fire but it was so embarrassing. Fire is definitely the worst and craziest  disasters that get people scared. It’s like a poisoned rabied  dog chasing after its owner. That’s exactly how scary it gets. The rave, rapid and rushing fires that have engulfed California keeps spreading as many lives are threatened, scared and totally terrified. California being one of the most populous places in America, seems to have lost homes, hospitals, schools and businesses to this raging mad fire that continues to consume. The first fires starting at the Northern and Western parts of Los Angeles were top celebrities like Kim Kardashian resides, have swooped into a town called Paradise. No longer the beautiful, serene and cordial, the city is in shambles as many houses and people have been turned to ashes. The fact is, in practically two days, places like Malibu have lost over 150 homes and evacuated a large number of celebrities of about 250,000.

Officials have confirmed that flames smoke are so thick and visible that it can be seen from outer space. The gruesome fires continue to spread and devour territories. Magalia, Concow and Butte Creek Canyon have all been evacuated by orders given by the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom. More than 20,000 acres in the north region of the state have been set ablaze by this ever violent fire. And on the other end, in the southern parts of California the fires had grown to 10,000 acres and it even scaled a major highway. A middle-aged lady was seen clasping her hands saying a prayer as the fires ate through the blocks of her house. The shock got to the hearts of many as it filled their minds. The fires did not just burn bodies but nerves. It was definitely the most shocking experience that could have the most terrified ones peeing in their pants.

Would California be ever relieved from this fire menace? It isn’t the first time. Last year brought its own share of screams, cries and more cemeteries to decorate with bodies. Terrible, disheartening and awful, its a definite pee-in-my-pants situation.


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