Is Pura (PURA) The World-Changer?

Cryptocurrencies come with a lot of promise and it is hardly the case these days that each coin developed isn’t trying to change the world in some way. For some its just marketing speak, an attempt to seduce would-be traders and investors into using a coin. But for Pura (PURA), the inclination and dedication to changing the world is a real deal.

Pura was founded to deliver on two fronts. The first is its remit to facilitate trade and exchange of goods and services using it as a stable currency. In this regard Pura developers have been explicit, citing the fact that the token is an international digital currency which aims to liberate users to do business with virtually anyone, anyplace ion the world, in a direct, secure and instantaneous fashion. The other factor that developers have staked a lot on is the whole business of privacy. Few digital tokens these days are without their privacy issues, but Pura developers have placed this principle and enduring feature of the digital age as a high priority. The overall result is a digital currency that seems to remove expenses and the hurdles of doing transactions; the mandate to deliver has created nothing less than an opportunity to eliminate the middle man and keep banks and payment providers guessing about to effectively deal with digital coins like Pura.


The second element to Pura’s developmental mandate is the giving back to the community. Developers of the token has created a system of protocols that all users who mine for the token to give back up to 10% of their earnings. This charitable allowance goes directly into the common good and is based on an important insight as seen by developers.

The situation currently exists where in a few years the governments around the world will be somewhat powerless to interface with taxpayers and enforce the societal needs of tax collecting. For developers of Pura this day isn’t far off. This is why when Pura was conceived, it was seen as the natural answer to a big problem, that of how to maintain a safe, just and equitable society. By building into the protocol of the coin, developers of Pura have done their level best to make the token workable, scalable and fair.

But how does the real workings of the token contribute to the development and maintenance of societal needs? The answer lies in the way in which the token was originally conceived. Developers of PURA have put democracy at the heart of what they do; this has influenced the way in which users Puraof the coin work. Thanks to the decentralized and globally democratic governance process, more colloquially known as a DAO. Under the DAO, digital tokens with a social conscience like Pura are able to facilitate huge interchange, not just of goods and services, but of ideas. Thanks to the DAO, masternode owners and users have fully democratic control over how the coin develops and the environmental and social impact of the coin as a vehicle for social change.

Users become masternode users after achieving 100,000 Pura. Once the achievement is made, regular users are upgraded to masternode where the recipient can enjoy all the benefits of that rank. Masternode users are able to use their tokens to generate passive income, all the whole making a difference in the world.

The social effort of Pura and its followers has now started to pay dividends in the real world. The 24-hour trade volume for the token recently was $1.48M. Market cap has now breached the $31M mark and counting and of the 180.76M Pura that is total supply, only 173.97M has made it into circulating supply of digital Pura.

Pura looks set to continue ion the strong and positive direction. Traders and investors will be figuring out how to tap into that and benefit.

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