What Is Wax Coin And Why Are Investors Buying It?


Wax Coin is looking to revolutionize the digital currency space and is right now one of the tokens that keep coming up in regular forum discussions – but why? Let’s start by taking a look at what Wax Coin (WAX) is really about. According to WAX’s own website, the digital token and its infrastructure is a decentralized platform that enables ...

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What Is Dentacoin and Should You Buy It?

Dentacoin (DCN)

Blockchain facilitated the creation of a plethora of digital tokens, commonly called cryptocurrencies. Many have a varied set of functions outside of being just plain money and one of the tokens looking to make a serious claim for utility is Dentacoin (DCN). So what is Dentacoin? As expressed on the digital token’s website, Dentacoin is the first blockchain concept that ...

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Is Bitcoin (BTC) In Trouble?

BItcoin (BTC)

Back in December 2017 Bitcoin (BTC) climbed to a high of nearly $20K, sparking a rush for digital currencies of all kinds. Since then, however, the token has plunged back down to earth and much of what has been happening lately suggests that this could be getting worse. In little over a month, BTC has moved steadily downward from its ...

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Ontology (ONT) Finally Gains Traction In 2018, Climbs 26%

ontology (ONT)

Like most digital tokens, Ontology (ONT) has been quietly doing the rounds. When ONT started not many people understood the token, what it does, and how it applies to the booming digital currency space. All that has changed now and ONT is at the forefront of the blockchain boom. By utilizing the blockchain protocol, ONT has made its chief aim ...

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GXChain (GXS) Is Facing Headwinds, Down 11.37% Early

GXChain (GXS)

The last 24 hours haven’t been very kind to GXChain (GXS); the digital token has failed to impress with a decline nearing the 12% mark. The decline seems to be part of a larger trend for the digital token that has seen its 7-day performance slip to -3.53%. But how bad are things really? Looking at the performance over the ...

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Will Binance Coin (BNB) Stumble If Main Exchange Suffers?

Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance Coin (BNB) is the native token for the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange and things are a bit uncertain right now thanks to some regulatory pressures that are being reported in the digital token press. The trouble started Thursday (March 22) when news broke that Japanese regulators are looking to put the clamps on the exchange operating in Japan. It ...

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Is Hshare (HSR) Quietly Outpacing The Competition?

Hshare HSR

The great volume of digital currencies coming online these days means that some coins get missed in all the mad rush. Often some of the digital tokens that get overlooked are some of the hottest properties out there, but not so the case with Hshare (HSR). From as early as December 2017 there was a real buzz from analysts who ...

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South Korean Cryptocurrency ICON (ICX) Is Gaining Momentum


South Korea is quietly producing some of the more interesting digital currencies to emerge in the space. One such digital coin is ICON (ICX) and developers have positioned the coin in a very unique and functional way. ICX, according to the remit set by founders, is aimed at developing a hyper-connected ecosystem that will allow all digital coins to share ...

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EOS (EOS) Erupts For 34%


On Monday digital currencies had perhaps their biggest, moist consistent day in trading since December 2017 and leading the pack was EOS (EOS). When most currencies were seen upticks between 3 and 15%, EOS saw a flurry of interest which pushed its price so high at one point it was up 34.35%. EOS had started its upward move as early ...

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Syscoin (SYS) Quietly Hits $0.38, Where Next?


Despite the fact that there are now hundreds of digital currencies coming online every day, there seems to be a general preoccupation with the big names. Bitcoin (BTC) as the preeminent digital token gets quite a lot of that attention, understandably; but it shadows the up and coming digital tokens that are really making moves below. One of those digital ...

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