Is Paypex (PAYX) The Future Of Blockchain Payments?

PAYX Paypex

Cryptocurrencies are sweeping the world, threatening to undermine established currencies and monetary system, but they have an Achilles heel. That Achilles heel is high costs, something which is preventing digital currencies from making a serious, credible threat to established currencies. Few digital currency platforms have looked to fill the void and make payments and transfers easier; few that is until ...

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What Is Crypviser (CVCoin) And Why Is It Trending?


Crypviser (CVCoin) seems to be awakening currently and few people seem to understand why. A little digging suggests a few possible answers but before we explore them, let’s take a look at the token itself. CVCoin launched its long awaited Crypviser Decentralized Secure Messenger for the Blockchain on April 30, 2018 to much fanfare and applause from the developers and ...

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Curecoin (CURE) Gets Ready To Rid The World Of Disease


Can there be anything even remotely close to a disease free world? That’s the question medical science and the general public at large has been asking for the last 50 years. It’s not a question easily answered but developers of Curecoin (CURE) believe ardently that a disease free world is possible and that it is Curecoin that will do it. ...

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Can Mazacoin (MZC) Deliver On Its Promise?


A whole of host of cryptocurrencies have been launched in the last 5 years or so but few have had a humanitarian component as strong as Mazacoin (MZC). The digital coin was launched in 2014 as the official currency of the traditional Lakota Nation, the Native American tribe in the United States of America. This is the first bold step ...

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What’s All The Buzz Surrounding Zilliqa (ZIL)?


Zilliqa (ZIL) is a relatively young cryptocurrency which currently trades for less than $0.50 but lately there has been some buzz surrounding the token. We’ll analyze the token here to see if we can find the source for the interest. First up is a bit of background for ZIL. The platform, based naturally on the blockchain, was developed to meet ...

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Can Elastos (ELA) Make the Web Smarter?

Many digital tokens that are built on the platform make the claim that their technology, however deployed, is a revolutionary slice of the cryptocurrency space. But when everyone says that about their cryptocurrency it becomes meaningless; that is, of course, if your currency and platform is Elastos (ELA). So what is ELA? Billed as the safe reliable internet of the ...

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Is Waves (WAVES) The Crypto Platform of the Future?

These days cryptocurrencies are almost as ubiquitous as sand so it’s very difficult at times to judge the value of particular tokens. That applies unless you are dealing with a token that is more of a platform than a token. Waves (WAVES) is the token cum platform that seems built to make value-appreciation and segmentation possible. But what is WAVES, ...

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The Zcash (ZEC) Story, Is It Real?

Zcash (ZEC)

The thing about most cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), is that despite the promise of privacy there is hardly a user of these big-name tokens that can boast absolute privacy. Obviously that’s a major problem in a world where the average digital buyer wants to leave no trace of what they are doing. Certainly this is the case for hardcore users ...

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Is Maker (MKR) Challenging Bitcoin (BTC)?

Maker (MKR)

By now it is clear that Bitcoin (BTC) is the biggest cryptocurrency on the planet. It is also clear that there are few other digital tokens that are capable of unseating it from its number one position. But what is not so clear is whether BTC can hold its slot and if it does become overtaken, what will eventually make ...

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Why Is Lisk (LSK) Different?

Lisk (LSK)

All digital currencies build their architecture on top of blockchain, but few have actually figured out how to turn the blockchain into a white-label solution for would-be developers. This is what sets Lisk (LSK) apart from the majority of digital currencies out there. In a never before set of circumstances, LSK has now made it possible for developers to access ...

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