Can Omisego (OMG) Merge Fiat With Digital Tokens?

Omisego (OMG)

Omisego (OMG) is a digital currency and platform that promises to unbanked the bank. According to the main pitch page for the token, OMG enables financial inclusion and interoperability. All this is done via a public, decentralized network. But how good is this token? And what does it bring to the table that no other currency in the crypto space ...

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What Is Ardor (ARDR)?


The blockchain is the top-level system that powers all the digital tokens from Bitcoin (BTC) to the latest yet to be named digital currency. But what about child chains? Child chains are light blockchains that help create another level of deployment of the blockchain and Ardor (ARDR) is looking to make such possibilities a part of the mainstream conversation. So ...

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Can Japan’s Native Monacoin (MONA) Change The Game?

monacoin (mona)

The alleged creator of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency is called Satoshi Nakamoto. But since no one has been able to track down the alleged Bitcoin (BTC) creator, the world is still not truly in possession of coin that is created by someone who is really Japanese. That is of course if you discount Monacoin (MONA), which you can’t. This ...

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Can Paragon Change The Cannabis Growth Curve?

The cannabis industry is exploding and Paragon (PRG) is the blockchain solution that is positioning itself as the solution to an evolving industry. PRG has created ParagonSpace, what it hopes to be the hub of innovation and co-working for the cannabis industry. Developers of the blockchain solution have highlighted stability, verification, and legitimacy as the principles upon which it hopes ...

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Can Bitmark (BTM2) Create A New Paradigm For Digital Rights?

Bitmark (BTM2)

Up 69.06% over the last 24 hours, Bitmark (BTM2) has been generating strong interest from traders and investors so we thought it would be a good idea to explore possible reasons behind the sudden uptick. What we found suggested that BTM2 could become a solid cryptocurrency; but before we delve into that, let’s explore the origins and makeup of this ...

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Can Melon (MLN) Really Disrupt the $84.9T Asset Management Industry?

Melon (MLN)

Ever since Airbnb and Uber disrupted their respective industries, there has been a push to see just how far, and how many things, are susceptible to disruption. Unsurprisingly disruption has arrived at the doorstep of blockchain and the army of digital currency platforms that are springing up. Leading the charge among the disruptors is Melon (MLN), a digital currency platform ...

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What Is Primalbase (PBT)?


It’s not often that a cryptocurrency rockets into the second most valuable digital token without having first paid its dues in the public space. Yet this is precisely what Primalbase (PBT) has done. The big question on the minds of digital currency traders and investors is what precisely is this monster of token and why is it laying waste to ...

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Why Is Blocknet (BLOCK) Trending?

blocknet (block)

Blocknet (BLOCK) considers itself the internet of blockchains, but how far can it go with this claim, and is it justified in making such a claim? We did some research into the platform and below is a thorough take on what we found concerning this brave new coin in the digital currency space. The developers of BLOCK have created what ...

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Does Stratis (STRAT) Have Firm Foundations?


Digital tokens are coming thick and fast and at the rate of introduction it is becoming harder for new tokens to stand out. But no so Stratis (STRAT); from the start this token has shown the potential to grow and become one of the more recognized and stable digital currencies in the ever-evolving blockchain ecosystem. But what helps define STRAT ...

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Is Hacken (HKN) A Game changer?


There’s a digital token or cryptocurrency for every conceivable group interest out there so the big question was asked: why can’t the white hat community get its own token? The answer to that question is Hacken (HKN), the world’s first Ethereum based cryptocurrency designed and deployed specifically for cyber-security professionals. The model harnesses the power of the blockchain to create ...

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