Syscoin (SYS) Quietly Hits $0.38, Where Next?


Despite the fact that there are now hundreds of digital currencies coming online every day, there seems to be a general preoccupation with the big names. Bitcoin (BTC) as the preeminent digital token gets quite a lot of that attention, understandably; but it shadows the up and coming digital tokens that are really making moves below. One of those digital ...

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Ethereum Classic (ETC) Hits Support, Rallies Back 7%

Ethereum Classic ETC

In the last 24 hours Ethereum Classic (ETC) has been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride. It started around 6:45 am when ETC breached a key level of $18; the digital token had been trading consistently under that figure in the previous 48 hours so few expected it to make such move. Nevertheless, moved it did and by 9:45 ...

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DigixDAO (DGD) Inches Up

DigixDAO (DGD)

Digital currencies are trying everything to set themselves apart from the competition and DigixDAO (DGD) is no different. Unlike most cryptocurrencies that stake their future on the utility of digital money, DGD has taken a slightly different tack. DGD has done this by creating two versions of it. DGX is a digital token created specifically for investing in gold, the ...

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Ethereum (ETH) Looks to List On A Major Index?

Right now there are a multitude of exchanges that help digital currencies like Ethereum (ETH) reach their global audience. But these exchanges are not like the established platforms such as the NASDAQ or NYSE. This fact explains why digital currencies, despite having their own ecosystem, have been clamoring for including on the major index, and it explains too why ETH ...

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Gets Trader Attention

Bitcoin Cash BCH

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the world’s fourth largest digital currency has seen an interesting last 24 hours and many believe that the token could see even more interesting developments as certain activities take shape. In the early morning trading on Monday BCH was up as much 12% in its trailing 24-hour trading cycle. The reason for this some analysts believe was ...

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NEM’s (XEM) Rises On Cryptocurrency Refund


In January there was a massive hack on Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck. The hack affected several digital currencies, including NEM (XEM) and for a time it appeared that those accounts that were hacked would have to deal with the loss of over $530M in digital theft. But nearly 3 months on there has been a new development and XEM is ...

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IOTA (IOT) Struggles to Fend Off Declines


Cryptocurrencies across the board had a pretty unsteady day on Tuesday, with many coins seeing declines from previous highs. One of the more prominent coins to face significant headwinds on Tuesday was IOTA (IOT). Coming into Tuesday’s trading IOT had seen a slight climb above $1.80, fluctuating a bit over the course of trading on Monday, March 5, but never ...

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VeChain (VEN) Rebrands As It Looks To Improve Its Profile


These days it seems that digital currencies are becoming a lit bland, even with the plethora of blockchain dynamics out there. This has created a new trend among the current crop of digital currencies currently trading against more established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The trend is essentially rebranding, the altering, modification and the repositioning of a digital coin in order to ...

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Nano (NANO) The Free Cryptocurrency Is Heating Up


People who are committed to digital currencies have one major problem with the state of cryptocurrencies. They can be costly for users. The problem is so bad that with some digital currencies, a simple purchase such a cup of coffee can add more than 100% to your costs. That’s not the promise of cryptocurrencies so the emergence of a digital ...

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