Ontology (ONT) Finally Gains Traction In 2018, Climbs 26%

Like most digital tokens, Ontology (ONT) has been quietly doing the rounds. When ONT started not many people understood the token, what it does, and how it applies to the booming digital currency space. All that has changed now and ONT is at the forefront of the blockchain boom.

By utilizing the blockchain protocol, ONT has made its chief aim the resolving of trust, identity and authentication issues. This has created a matrix which draws in both the private and public aspects of blockchain. Now the profile of the digital token is rising steadily as it becomes more and more of an option for businesses and other institutions that are looking to scale technologically and deploy the latest means of operating in a changing digital world.

Investors have caught on, sending a surge of interest in the digital token. Since coming on stream on March 7, 2018, ONT has gained a very strong profile among investors. The token started life trading very strong, hitting a high of $2.14on only its second day of full trading. That initial high gave way to a high of $2.78, the highest level the token as reached since trading.

Since hitting its all-time high, ONT has pulled back and rallied several times. From around March 17, 2018 ONT has hovered below $150, fluctuating several times but never really showing signs that it was ready to break above the $2 mark.

Now momentum has shifted slightly and the token looks set to challenge some old highs. Over the last 24 hours the token has climbed 26.68%, reaching a high of $2.25. This latest rally seems to be sparking interest from investors and it is hard to see ONT not accumulating new followers, traders and investors.

The big question for the token will be proof of concept, especially in a blockchain ecosystem that has been seeing multiple forks in the road. The blockchain token that wish to break way from the currency paradigm have had to work hard to prove themselves among investors. This hasn’t made it very easy for some to break into the imagination of the investing public.

ONT could change this dearth of awareness among blockchain tokens that are deeply focused on the structural execution of blockchain. The current rise in the valuation of the digital token is not only good news for its native investors, but a clear step in the case being made for other digital tokens with a similar focus.


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