The Old want to die young

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Everyone wants to be young. Even old people want to die feeling like their young selves again. It’s great to have that feeling but who knew it was possible to attain it by reducing your age? This age old man whose almost 70 proves to the world that its legally possible to be younger.

A 69 year old man, Emile Ratelband believes that legally you can look as old as you feel. He filed for a lawsuit against the Dutch government requesting that the date of his birth be moved up a notch from March 11, 1949 to March 11, 1969. That’s exactly a 20 year gap in age. Mr Ratelband who is a media personality and motivational guru specializes in self-awareness. He believes you can always turn back clock and identify yourself as whoever you want to be.

Besides that, he makes a statement to the BBC press that we all live in a time when we can do whatever we want by changing our genders or name. Therefore, he can always change his age. Asides this, he also told a court in Amhem that having an age that doesn’t reflect his present emotional state was a grave challenge for him in his love and business life.

As interesting as it seems, the unique thing about Mr Ratelband is his belief for anything. He told the press in his interview that being 69 limits him completely but if he was 49, he gets to buy new houses, drive the most expensive cars and he can definitely take up more work. Besides that, he can always easily get a girl on Tinder. Being 69 shames him.

The link between Mr Ratelband’s age and lifestyle doesn’t just cut it. The 69 year old man feels pretty ashamed when trying to gr8 a girl and he mentions his age. “It totally cramps his style”, he says. “I can get all the girls I want, I’m young. I’m handsome and I’ve got the money. But not after I tell a girl I’m 69 and she’s thrown off”. Mr Ratelband told the news company. “I’m young and in great shape. I want this to be legally recognized because I feel abused, aggrieved and discriminated against because of my age.” Poor Mr Ratelband. He needs to feel alive again.

Most importantly,  Mr Ratelband decided to bargain his decision by saying he would legally stop taking pensions if his request to legally be younger would be granted. Now, that’s something. The final decision is yet to be made. Although,  according to the judge it is legally allowed to change your gender but concerning age it takes a lot more. The judge said that allowing people to change their age will legally delete a crucial part of their life. Regardless, Mr Ratelband still doesn’t want the oppression he faces for his age.

A court hearing has been set up to discuss the issue openly. Eventually, this will lead to the final decision of Mr Ratelband’s age trauma.

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