Netflix issued by Satanic temple over a statue

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Major entertainment company, Netflix and Warner Bros Entertainment are getting sued for stealing. No, its not that kind of material theft or actor poaching.  This is sort of different. A new series that Netflix is set to embark on titled ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ which is a reformed version from the old classic ‘Sabrina the teenage witch’ starring Kiernan Shipka as lead role. This war is between the entertainment industry and the Satanic temple. It has taken a raging storm on Twitter as the news continues to spread.

Netflix is being sued to million dollars using what the leaders of the temple claim to be their copyrighted goat head statue in their new series. The temple claims that this is a trademark violation, infringes on their copyright and is an injury to their business. The suit was filed last Thursday in the United States Court for the Southern District of New York. They have been charged 50 million dollars for each claim made by the temple.

Now this all started somewhere. Earlier in the year, the Temple had raised a 9 foot tall, 1 ton bronze statue of Baphomet which was displayed right in front of the Arkansas State Capitol. It was a form of protest for the Ten commandments monument that are already present on ground. The Temple was highly offended by Netflix’s action. As a nontheistic religious and political activist group, they were offended that Baphomet was reflected in the series of Sabrina as an evil and dastardly symbol. The Temple made it known that Satan ‘is a literally figure symbolic of the eternal rebel in opposition, rather than a persona of evil’. They believe that just as other religious bodies are given due respect, that they should not be ignored and demeaned. Members of the group demand as much protection as other non-members.

The suit filed stated clearly and ambiguously that the entertainment companies misappropriated and unquestionably copied their statue of Baphomet. The statue has been a unique symbol to the Temple and was misrepresented as a figure with female breasts and no children. The very real statue of Baphomet, that of the Temple’s depicts a male chest and the glaring features of a boy and girl looking up to him; the statue. The series blatantly misrepresented this and caused this suit.

As seen below, pictures of the image used in the series and the real image of the Temple were placed side by side on Twitter.

The show is basically about Sabrina, a young witch who is thinking of committing her life to Satan on her 16th birthday. The version of Satan depicted is dastardly evil and comes with its upsides. Neither any of the two entertainment companies, Netflix and Warner Bros has redacted tor given a comment on this suit by the members of the Temple. Many followers and worshippers of the Temple continue to rave and rage on Twitter till something is done.

It’s just a statue though,  but they have their reasons.

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