Misiones and Chubut work together in projects of scientific innovation, technology and production

In the first instance, the provincial official met with her missionary couple, Pedro Zapata, with whom she visited the Laboratory of the Misiones Biotechnology Institute, founded by the Misiones Technological Park, oriented to research, transfer, services to third parties and incubation of companies in the Biotechnology areas applied to processes related to the sector of alternative energies, agroprocesses and food, among others.

They also visited Biofactory Misiones S.A. from where a Quality Management System is implemented and maintained in the elaboration of plants using biotechnology as a tool for the massive propagation of plants.

“The agenda that we developed in Misiones, it was possible to concretize it especially with the support of the Center for Forestry and Andean Forestry Research Patagónico, CIEFAP, institution of which Chubut holds the presidency”, expres + or Corvalán Carro.

“The forest industry of this province is very developed and has links that in Chubut do not exist yet. Linked to these are economic, scientific and technological activities, of which we can learn with lower margins of error, “he said.

“In this sense, the meetings held focused on lines of work linked especially to the use of natural forest resources and the development of new productive activities with greater added value, generating alternative income,” added the provincial official.

During the visit, alternatives for the use of forest biomass were analyzed, from the cleaning that must be done in the forests every year and that is not currently used, sometimes generating significant environmental damage as a result of the fires. “Together with the undersecretary of Forests, Leonardo Aquilanti, we want to ensure that forest waste is valued as an energy resource, something so necessary in the interior of Chubut, particularly in the winter season.”

In this sense, Corvalá Carro stated that “we agreed with the University to support the training of human resources specialized in wood chemistry and biorefinery, as well as in technical assistance for our experiences”.

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