Man turns bike into a fully covered car

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Talk about crazy inventions, this is beyond crazy. Can a motorcycle turn into a car-like machine that transports a whole family of four? I basically thought that the whole idea behind innovation must be to create some high tech, improved idea of some sort that can benefit the entire world. However, no idea should be seen as unreasonable.  I could turn a tin of cans to make a patterned tin fish. That’s an idea! But this one strikes me as fascinating. You’ve really got to see this.


Countries in the Asian axis of the world are very fond of coming up with out of the blue ideas that seem like some sort of innovation. Within the suburbs of Indonesia, a man believes he has invented the future or the present in a futuristic way, I suppose. Videos like this go viral in less than a minute. I’m thinking his idea came like this: he gets on his motorcycle,  has two kids and a wife and is wondering how to transport them all, no money for a car, barely enough rent money but he’s got this idea to solve his problem. Now that’s innovation.

In the image below, you can see how the car-like vehicle was constructed. I think I’ll call it a hybrid vehicle,  seems catchy. He comes from Indonesia from the parts of Banjarbaru in South Kalimatan. The customized hybrid vehicle comes with a roof, a door and panoramic windows. This man with all confidence boasts that this thingamajig of a vehicle he just made prevents rain and sun from pouring on him and his family. But I’ve really got so many questions for him. If it’s already protected and all, why wear a helmet? Maybe he hasn’t figured that part out yet.


In the video, he proudly boasts that he has a created a vehicle that is free from sun, rain and any form of dust. The video shows him getting into the hybrid vehicle first then followed by his wife and two boys. Now here’s something even creepy, it’s still a motorcycle with no seats as cars do or anything. But his idea isn’t so bad. The front of the bike covered with the panoramic windows have even got a windscreen wiper. This is actually pretty cool so even if it rains, he won’t blindly steer off the road. His kids are super excited as they speak their native language. I bet they’re saying something like “Dad, this is totally cool”. They would be proud of their father. At least now, they could all ride together as a family, unhurt by the harsh sun rays, the lashes of rain and the grevious allergies caused by dust.

This actually strikes me to be a crazy, funny innovation that I think the world can adapt and even make it better. Probably by making more hybrid vehicles that meet the immediate needs of commoners in such countries. I would for one love me a hybrid vehicle.

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