Lady found with metal ornaments in her stomach

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A lady was found to have metal objects and jewelry inside her stomach. As horrifically insane as it sounds, it’s definitely true. A group of doctors were left confused and baffled in disbelief as they had removed dozens of metal objects from a female patients stomach.

The objects included bracelets, rings and even hair pins. What on earth were they doing in her belly? That I don’t know. The woman is only known as Sangita. She was admitted to the hospital with complaints of severe stomach aches. And as doctors, they were concerned and ran a series of tests to figure out what was behind all this pain.

After they had slit her open, they were amazed at what they had just stumbled on. In her stomach, they had found a lump containing dozens of foreign objects. Apparently, the patient was thought to have swallowed these objects over a long period of time. This caused the metal to build up and made her stomach to harden. It is believed that the decay of the objects had caused he pain. The corrosion of metals with her stomach acids, the puncturing of the sharp objects and the fact that this wasn’t food must have made her stomach upset.

The senior surgeon at the Ahmedabad Civil hospital in India, Dr Nitin Parmar said, “The stomach of the woman had become rock hard. When we conducted the x-ray, it showed a lump in her stomach. Safety pins consumed by her had partially perforated her lungs. A pin that she consumed even punctured her stomach walls. This made us to carry out the surgery immediately.”

The doctor was in utter shock. All the doctors took it upon themselves to remove all the metallic objects found in her stomach. They wondered why she would eat metal and jewelry.

Part of the items recovered in the procedure was a mangalsutra. This was a traditional necklace worn by married Hindu women. She must really be a freak. To swallow sharp objects and jewelry is very strange.

What was strange was the reason why she would even think of consuming these items in the first place. This is what we don’t know and have probably never heard of. Apparently, Sangita was thought to be suffering from a very rare disorder called Acuphagia. This happens when a person consumes sharp metallic and indigestible objects. As strange as it sounds, she was sick. She probably didn’t know this.

Prior to the surgery she had underwent, even before she was admitted into the government hospital, Sangita was found wandering on the streets. This is most likely some sign that she has a mental issue or is a lone troubadour casted out by her family.

It was after a few days she began complaining about her stomach. The doctors have decided to monitor her very carefully. She will be placed under observation so that no further obstructions can enter into her body. This metal eater has to get better.


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