Is Hshare (HSR) Quietly Outpacing The Competition?

The great volume of digital currencies coming online these days means that some coins get missed in all the mad rush. Often some of the digital tokens that get overlooked are some of the hottest properties out there, but not so the case with Hshare (HSR).

From as early as December 2017 there was a real buzz from analysts who felt that it was one of the biggest digital currencies to crossover into 2018 with definite upside for traders and investors.

HSR was started with a simple premise: eliminate the barriers to communication between block-based digital tokens and blockless-based tokens. It’s the quintessential hybrid technology that takes a mix of what is good across a diverse base of cryptocurrencies and fuses it with a forward-looking, integrated system for value creation in the blockchain space.

Using the tokens unique Directed Acylic Graph (DAG) system, HSR is able to provide bi-directional transfer of value within the broad blockchain ecosystem. All this is done in a private and secure environment, allowing for scalability without the nagging failures that have pinned themselves to some scaled digital tokens.

HSR has been especially useful so far in the transfer of data across a broad mix of applications. From storage, to capture, to curation, HSR has made its mark in the open field and this has helped to spread the importance of the digital currency to investors and traders alike.

In recent trading the coin has been holding its own. Over the last 24 hours in particular, HSR has shown what its upside can mean once it is distributed to the full awareness of the market. In late trading on Tuesday, HSR managed to climb from a low of $6.12 to a high of $7.06 by 9:23 am on Wednesday. It traded down on a pullback which took it as low as $6.53 but it never showed any signs that it wouldn’t rise again and maintain its strong levels of trading.

By 10 pm Wednesday HSR had climbed to a high of $7.38, ensuring that the total uptick over a 24 hour period would be a solid 20.35%. And although some analysts believe that HSR can and should do better, there is evidence that the token has the power to deliver on the expectations of traders and investors. This was certainly the case when HSR rose to a high of $12.94 on February 19.

Many will be watching to see if the recent 20% spike is a precursor to an even bigger jump by the digital token.


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