Haunted doll attacks woman after being possessed by boyfriend

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The news on possessed dolls finally resurfaces as this can’t get any creepier. Who can remember Child’s play, the movie with a possessed doll named Chukky? That crazy doll that went about killing people. It’s not so hard to forget. Many movies depict this storyline of dolls being possessed by evil spirits. But as absurd and scary as it gets, this will get you freaked out.

A Peruvian lady who identified herself as Berliz claims that a possesed doll beat up her and her boyfriend.  But this isn’t even the whole story. Apparently, she claims that this creepy doll named Deisy was overly jealous of her boyfriend and beat him up to a pulp and for that her boyfriend left her. This doll not only harmed the man but brutally slashed Berliz’s face. What sort of spirit possesed this kind of doll? Is this another Chukky episode maybe? Beats me but according to Berliz, its owner, she says that this doll basically has a mind of its own. It gets up and moves around on its own and does a lot of mischievous things around the house. This makes Berliz feel like there’s some spiritual ghost inside the house. Asides this, the doll, Deist has some poltergeist-like powers that make it knock things over and cause vibrations in Berliz’s home.

This doll is way too creepy and possessed definitely. According to the conversation held between Berliz and a local media news company, the doll was given to her by her mother as a Christmas present and the creepy thing is that the next day, the doll lost its hair. Berliz openly said she put the lost hair into a plastic bag and placed the spooky doll facing the wall so she doesn’t get scared. That didn’t work. Deist, the creepy doll turned its head and was looking directly at Berliz. Berliz had woken up to the terrifying stare of this half bald ghastly doll. Stranger things started happening. On one occasion, Berliz woke up to a sudden bright light glaring at her and her Bible fell from the television.  She was so creeped out she started crying. She was just 18 then and her dad ran to comfort her. But when he reflected some light on her face, he discovered she had cuts all over her face. The doll was interviewed with Berliz as shown in the image below.

During the interview session, Berliz made mention that the doll had beaten up her boyfriend in his sleep. She confirmed this by saying that the same thing had happened to her cousin who went up to her room for a nap and ran out after being doll chopped. The funny thing is Berliz is too scared to throw the doll away. She has kids now and keeps the doll away from the house. She also bought a black cat to balance the negative energy left by the doll. Some superstitious mumbo jumbo if you ask me but still creepy.  According to Berliz, a clairvoyant had informed her that cats are quite sensitive to energy, so her cats sits under the chair where the doll was kept rather than facing it.

This spooky terrifying doll is a sure reincarnation of the Charles Lee ‘Chukky’ Ray character. That gave me the spooks.  Possessed dolls, ghosts are all phantoms I hope never to come by.

Video link: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/haunted-doll-attacks-owners-boyfriend-13541890

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