Is Hacken (HKN) A Game changer?

There’s a digital token or cryptocurrency for every conceivable group interest out there so the big question was asked: why can’t the white hat community get its own token?

The answer to that question is Hacken (HKN), the world’s first Ethereum based cryptocurrency designed and deployed specifically for cyber-security professionals. The model harnesses the power of the blockchain to create a digital currency that not only feeds into the growing ecosystem, but also handles the old-world way of tech interfaces, especially as it relates to digital security.

The token has a built-in utility for the purpose of cybersecurity and offers a full stack of countermeasures. These countermeasures are specifically geared towards reducing threats and vulnerabilities; they also go a far way in mitigating the occurrence of cyber-attacks. It does all this by creating the necessary back-plug for a token as well as overall security infrastructure. Important to not also that HKN is the only payment method that is capable of interfacing within the Hacken ecosystem.


With the ecosystem are a series of sub-platforms or nodes of delivery. The first is what developers have called HackenProof, a fully decentralized bug bounty platform. The platform works by pulling in the elite among the ethical hacking community – those tech savvy programmers that use their powers for good; these elite hackers then plug directly into the growing Hacken database of clients. The two individual groups through the dynamic systems setup by HKN then cooperate in a transparent and secure environment.

hknThe collaboration is a direct vehicle for the deployment of HKN’s cybersecurity services. These services are custom-tailored to fit the needs of individual clients. It really doesn’t matter what sort of problem is faced by the client either; HKN and its core of deployed elite professionals are capable of handling anything from phishing to penetration testing. Smart contract audits, one of the most in demand components on the blockchain, also features prominently in the cadre of services offered by HKN.

HKN developers have created what they call the “burning principle,” a system for handling the deployment of services, collection of payments, reinvestment of earnings as well as the general maintenance and sustenance of the token. It all starts with the charges that roll in from qualified customers. HKN charges 30% for each service charge that is levied on a customer. When that 30% is collected, half of it is then “burned” or put directly into the development of the platform. This “burning” is a very efficient way of creating a future for the platform, helping the token to develop and ready itself for a changing blockchain ecosystem.

The really good part is that once the amount of HKN reserves reaches 1% of total amount of HKN tokens in circulation, an announcement is made within 24 hours. After this happens then the deployment team which is every vigilant then gets to work in reintroducing this amount back into circulation. The burn principle ensures that the platform stays robust, relevant and adaptive; it also gives the token the mindshare it needs to stand apart in a crowded blockchain where a new token is launched virtually every month.

So far the systems created to support the growth of HKN seem to be doing their job. The token has managed to see some growth in price, especially over the last week or so. On June 6 HKN reached a high of $2.39 before pulling back slightly. Over the last 24 hours the token has seen some action which seems capable of sending the token potentially higher. Interest levels certainly are rising so it is worth seeing how the token does over the coming weeks.



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