Grandparents ashes used as flour for cookies made by their grandkids

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Anything is definitely possible in this world we live in. A lot of absurd and crazy things happen. This should be regarded as suicide or disrespect. Two high school students used the cremated ashes of their grandparents as flour for the cookies she made. It’s indeed worrying. Now the police is seriously investigating this, although its funny and weird.

The two students used the sandy ashes to bake cookies that were tasted and sampled by up to nine young bloods. This happened at the Day Vinci Charter Academy located west of Sacramento. The good thing is that nobody died or suffered any ill. Thankfully, cremated ashes are not poisonous or detrimental to anyone. However, the lieutenant of the Davis Police, Paul Doroshov told the Sacramento Bee that the kids who ate the cookies could most likely go through emotional issues.

More so, while being interviewed by KCRA TV Station, a classmate named Andy Knox said that she (the grandkid of the flour ashed-grandparents) told him that there was a special ingredient in the cookie. She then went ahead to show him the urn were the ashes were. Yuck! This must be so distasteful and horrifying. Andy was pretty scared after.

The image above shows how good the cookies look. They looked so much authentic and yummy and delicious but who would know its made with human cremated ashes. The idea creeps the living out of me. On the bright side, the grandkids weren’t charged for anything because no one was harmed in any way but there was a warning. The reason and motive behind her actions were very unclear. I guess may be she wanted a part of her grandparents to be in her and in others when the cookie was eaten. She really gave her friends a scare.  That could probably be why she did it. It isn’t funny but it is definitely strange.

The case was carefully investigated like it was a murder case by the Police in California. However, since it wasn’t such a major harm the lieutenant,  Mr Doroshov assured everyone in the community that it wasn’t a threat and no child would be harmed by the cookies. He also decided to leave the matter to the school since none of the grandkids would be charged for such act. He was basically in awe as he also said that he doesn’t know if baking with the ashes of a human could be classified as a crime and that it would most likely take a legal debate to determine that. Phew! Those kids had watch it.

They got their consequences alright. The head teacher, Tyler Millsap wrote a letter to the parents stating that the two kids are remorseful and that the issue should be settled as a personal family matter.

Everyone was assured that there were no risks as the head teacher at Bee mentioned that every allegation of wrongdoing is always taken very seriously and thorough investigations are made involving the police. This is basically a warning. Those kids may never get it easy if there’s a next time.

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