Ghost and Woman get married as British resort host their wedding

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I’ve heard of a lot of things; men marrying men, women marrying women, people getting married to animals. Okay, they are all pretty weird but at least you can see them. This stuff is really crazy. A woman says she met a ghost and they’ve decided to get married. No, I didn’t see the ghost in the video. Are you kidding me? This will leave you in awe.

This woman from Britain gets engaged to a ghost she says is from Australia. Apparently,  Amethyst Realm of Bristol announced her engagement between the ghost with no name.  The proposal was said to have happened during a road trip to England’s Wookey Hole caves in Somerset. Did she see him get down on his knees? Beats me but according to her, she says there was no going down any knee because he doesn’t have knees. She sounded quite excited and in love as she said that she could hear his deep, sexy voice. “It felt so real”,  She said. According to the live newspaper of Somerset, the resort in the cave where Realm was proposed to has offered to host her wedding to her beloved ghost man.

It gets even crazier. The resort director, Daniel Medley told the paper that Amethyst Realm isn’t the first to experience these ‘out-of-body’ sensations as he called it. The caves have been a place of deep spiritual connection to the spirit world. He made it clear that since the times of the Stone age people can connect with long lost loved ones and friends that have departed. The resort is always fully prepared for occasions such as Realm’s as they have a Wookey Witch who is a woman that would perform the couple’s wedding. The absurd thing is that the Wookey Witch is named after a stalagmite (sort of like icicles) in the cave that resembles a woman who had turned to stone. Hilarious, isn’t it?

The resort manager believes in the love between Amethyst and the ghost. He point out that if her ghost lover has really been attracted to the aura of the cave, then the Wookey Witch is a powerful chakra that can be used to commune to those who have died. He funnily added that the witch would be able to help the re-phrase or re-word the ‘till death do us part’ when saying vows. Can this get any better? Although,  Amethyst Realm has not yet set a date with the resort for the wedding as she hasn’t yet made up her mind about the offer. Nevertheless,  her mind still trails beyond the marriage and onto parenthood. Having children with a ghost? Hmmm..they’ll probably be ghost babies too. This is so true as last December, she poured out her heart confessing that she would love to have children for her ghost lover. She says that based on her research, phantom pregnancies are possible because there is every possibility that a ghost is in you but people won’t just get it.

Here’s more to laugh at. Apparently,  she’s slept with more than 20 ghosts and now she finally gets hitched with one. It’s a ghost wedding fever people!

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