Ghost footage captured by doorbell camera playing ‘knock and run’

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Absurd and totally creepy as it may seem, it’s real. With evolving technology, cameras can spot anything even ghosts. This article proves this fact.

Meni Pitoscia, age 46 who is a very vigilant person fears that she may have been a victim of hunting. Her motion activated security camera had caught a video footage of a ghost knocking at the front door to her home. This is way beyond creepy but this footage really exists. Apparently, she was waiting for a parcel to arrive to her home and she saw something. The footage was recording a sort of faint apparition appear from the bench on the left side of the screen.

The figure seemed to be a ghost really. It then crossed in front of the camera as if it were looking directly at it. After that, it moves completely out of vie to the right before the camera had stopped recording. Now, this is something.

The home owner was definitely terrified. I know I would be. Mrs Pitoscia who is from Vaughan in Ontario, Canada said, “My dog had started barking and ran towards the door. I was patiently waiting for my package so I figured it was the courier approaching the door”. This was creepy. Looking outside to check if someone had hit the door bell, she couldn’t find anyone standing near her porch. She looked over it and concluded that her dog had probably heard a noise or something.

Confused and baffled, Mrs Pitoscia said, “I as heading to the kitchen trying to forget about it when I received a notification on my phone that was about the doorbell alarm activation. So I looked at the video and I said ‘what the heck is this?’”

Besides that, there was also something peculiar about the bench on the front porch. It was seen on the left in the video. Apparently, it was given to her by her former neighbor, Mario who is now deceased.

She then recalled and said, “One psychic said to me, ‘does that bench hold any significance?’ I said why? And they said, ‘well, the spirit looks like it was sitting on the bench’.”

“The bench was given to me by someone who was very close to and passed away and his anniversary of death comes up this week”, she said recalling. She went further to say, “he was my neighbor and I’d known him my whole life. We grew up together just right across the street. When my father had passed away, he would help us”. Mrs Pitoscia remembered her dear friend wondering that this might be his spirit. “The last conversation I had with him was sitting on that bench”, she said.

Many people suggested that it was probably an animal, insect or even a plastic bag. However, Mrs Pitoscia wasn’t sure saying, “some people thought it was a cat or raccoon or squirrel”. “but it couldn’t have been because it was four feet off the ground at a level where you would ring the doorbell”, she added.

However, she was advised by friends to smudge her home with sage to fend off evil spirits. But she didn’t believe this one was in anyway harmful.


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