Food at A Funeral in Peru kills 9

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Is it really possible to mourn twice at a funeral? I’d never imagine dying at someone’s funeral especially dying from eating funeral food. Not only is it creepy but totally scary and unheard of. Well, now you know it’s possible. It could be as a result of a lot of things. Maybe a gun shoot out or a raid or something very dangerous. I think we all should probably take a lesson from this article. I remember when my great grand dad died because of food poisoning at the burial of his grandson. It was confusing and also disheartening. I practically didn’t know how to place my emotions.

A Funeral held Peru had caused the deaths of nine people and left over dozens more ill and hospitalized. The funeral which was held in the Peruvian Andes located in Ayacucho, Peru had served contaminated food to a large number of the guests  present. Health officials flooded the premises and made comments that 50 people were affected by the contaminated food and 20 were hospitalized for it. There was a lot of vomiting and stooling going on after the poisoned food was taken. This can be so uncomfortable and embarrassing to shit your pants.

Apparently, it was reported to a radio station by the regional health director, Jhon Tinco. He said that the guests were served a meat dish and a fermented corn drink called Chicha. It’s highly possible the meat wasn’t cooked of had already been infected when purchased. As for the drink, fermented corn is always a risky drink to have if not prepared well. The Health Minister, Silvia Pessah also told the local broadcasting station that the food would most likely have contained organophosphates which are a group of chemicals that are present in pesticides. Oh Gosh! That’s pretty dangerous no wonder there were deaths.

The prosecutor’s had taken the food samples to the laboratory for testing and had confirmed the presence of such harmful chemical. Apparently, this also isn’t the first case of pesticide related deaths in Peru. In the year 2013, about 23 school children had all died from eating food thst was contaminated with monocrotophos which is also a substance that belongs to the family of organophosphates. Even in this year, in recent months, there have also been two other incidents caused by this peculiar pesticide contamination.

The raging and fiery anger of those who lost someone due to this poisoning had taken to sociall media. It mentioned that 10 had died in a funeral. Although, the post was taken down due to unknown reasons. Helicopters had flooded the scene with first aids and carrying patients to the hospital. Lifeless bodies of those who died eating the contaminated food were also taken away. I don’t know about you but I don’t think I’ll be eating at any funeral in Peru. This case would probably have died down as all other incidents like this have. Most importantly, we really must be careful about where and what we eat.

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