A Fleshy birthday gift given to boyfriend as woman cuts off her belly button

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Who knew love could take you to the borders beyond limits. Birthday gifts are really special and all. They depict that someone truly cares for you. If you haven’t received one before, it doesn’t really matter. But what if this gift is so weird you could run for life? Her belly button as a gift given to a guy by his girlfriend sends the whole internet on fire.

I can bet that no one has received such a gift as a person’s finger or ears or probably their eyeballs. That’s totally freaking and downright crazy. I think the idea behind gifts should be touchy and genuine, not irrational and stupid. Hold your horses here, because you’re about to get your mind spooked.

Belly Button

Black hair with great body, Paulina Casillas Landeros in 2015 gave the world a shock with her outrageous dating story. She was only 23 and was always in constant fights with her family because of the way she lived her life. They were only trying to look out for her as family always should. She had bogus tattoos and body modifications that gave them quite a fright. ,she even had a corset at her back and her tongue was a doubled (she had a split tongue). With this type of demeanour, I do believe basically anything radical is possible for her. She hailed from Mexico in Guadalajara located in Jalisco. Either this was a revenge scheme or a practically insane show of love. Paulina wanted to make her family go crazy because they never agreed or loved her the way she was. In an interview with her, she said she had never been close to her family and always persistently had problems with them. She also made mention that modifying her body fascinated her and made her feel weird and cool in a good way. She wanted to totally dehumanize herself in the most peculiar way. This was basically what she did.

Paulina was looked down on and almost disliked by her own family. Her actions buried hurts in the hearts of her family members and people who were close friends. Cutting off her belly button was practically the height of her controversial nature. She wanted her family to get mad at her as a form of revenge by doing that. At school, she and her boyfriend had recently ended their relationship. An intern in the human resource department and a tourism student gave her detached lifeless belly button to her boyfriend then as a token of her love. Daniel, her then boyfriend, seemed to have loved and accepted Paulina the way she was. She said he was part of the reasons she survived through hardships. They were both your and in love and stupid so she did something out of the ordinary in that moment. Giving him her belly button was a total show of love for him. She had placed it into plastic bag with a note that said I love you and given it to him. Apparently, Daniel still keeps this odd gift.

There’s always a consequence for things in the end. The operation was done by a professional but he claims that he gave her bad advice on how to take care of the crater that used to house her belly button. It became infected and Paulina was always in bed not being able to stand or stretch. She claims it has healed partly but will never recover totally. In the end, we’ll all have our regrets. Paulina now regrets this act of hers and calls it reckless and impulsive. Regretting all she had done, she confesses that she hurt so many people and her mom mostly for her actions. The good thing is she gets the lesson and realizes how much of an impact it made on her family. So long to Paulina’s belly button.


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