EOS (EOS) Erupts For 34%

On Monday digital currencies had perhaps their biggest, moist consistent day in trading since December 2017 and leading the pack was EOS (EOS). When most currencies were seen upticks between 3 and 15%, EOS saw a flurry of interest which pushed its price so high at one point it was up 34.35%.

EOS had started its upward move as early as late Sunday, March 18. By early Monday morning, the earliest signs of a potentials breakout began to manifest itself. By 9:24 am EOS had climbed to a high of $5.46, outshining the previous high of $4.83 set earlier in the day. A slight pullback followed; this took EOS back down to $5.31 at around 10:34. It was back up again though, this time threatening to break to another higher level than the previous one set. At 11:19 EOS spiked to $5.62 and although there was an extended pullback which brought the token down to $5.43 by late afternoon, it wasn’t long before EOS set a new high for the day at $5.71 at around 3:34 pm.

By evening trading the pattern had fully established itself. EOS it was clear to see, was spiking, pulling back, before spiking again. The pattern played itself beautifully again around 6:14 pm. After pulling back to around $5.61, the token made its biggest climb, reaching a high of $6.29 to mark the biggest jump by any digital currency in the last 24 hours.

Of course this recent upswing could simply be EOS benefiting greatly from a general sentiment. But that would only apply if the token had been trading rather feebly over the last month or so. It hasn’t. E’S is actually now taking the shape that prevailed for much of the rest of February. In fact, on February 20 the token climbed to a high of $9.88; this was a slight pullback from the high of $10.09 set on February 17.

The recent trading then is really suggestive of a general strengthening of former confidence in the token from traders and investors alike. What is likely to happen here too is that EOS’ profile may get just that much bigger as it rises above most digital currencies in interest from traders and investors. At current levels the token is still trailing significant highs set in the past; this alone suggests that here is still massive upside available over the short term and medium terms.

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