What Is Dentacoin and Should You Buy It?

Blockchain facilitated the creation of a plethora of digital tokens, commonly called cryptocurrencies. Many have a varied set of functions outside of being just plain money and one of the tokens looking to make a serious claim for utility is Dentacoin (DCN).

So what is Dentacoin?

As expressed on the digital token’s website, Dentacoin is the first blockchain concept that is developed specifically for the global dental industry. The developers have created a lead token dubbed the Dentacoin ERC20. It has been configured to be used all over the world by individuals. Its core aim is to improve dental care globally by making access to dental care more affordable and democratic and it looks to do this through the crowd-sourcing capabilities inherent in the blockchain ecosystem.


So far developers of DCN have deployed several applications based on the ERC20 protocol. Leading these applications is DentaVox, a web application that serves as a repository for collective customer wisdom. DentaVox provides current market research data through a mix of questionnaires and reward programs. Collected data, which serves to inform dentists in the first instance, is then made available as a pool of wisdom fit for use in actual patient care.

DCN also serves as a comprehensive global database for the dental records of all patients. These data, according to developers, will be highly protected, accessible, updateable and specific inside a ring of trust comprising both dentists and patients. Access will be based on a given permission, according to the developer’s website.

Developers of the blockchain solution have also created a mobile aftercare application aimed at making the aftercare process more accessible and efficient. It is envisaged, according to the developer’s website, that the aftercare app will help promote lasting oral hygiene habits in both adults and children.


There is also another scalable side to DCN’s blockchain solution in the form of a trading platform. DCN offers a decentralized trading platform that provides a raft of dental care products and dental materials and equipment. This platform connects, directly, patients, dentists as well as manufacturers and reduces the long supply chains usually associated with global dental care value chains. DCN developers have also hinted via their website that DCN will also help reduce the international transaction costs that are associated with cross-border dental transactions.

Dentacoin and Trading

Those investors interested in DCN have found that the digital token is very much a part of the trading and investing pool of tokens currently in the cryptocurrency market.

In order to access DCN proper, traders and investors have two choices. They can either earn their own DCN’s by registering for the token’s Trusted Review Program, or by becoming a patient at a partner clinic and participating in the token’s Patient Loyalty Programs. Developers have also made it possible for investors to participate in the coin’s ICO Bounty Program.

For those investors interested in actually buying DCN, developers have also listed ways by which DCN tokens can be acquired. Developers point to the fact that DCN is listed on Coinmarketcap.com and is traded freely on a variety of exchange platforms. These platforms include Cryptopia, EtherDelta, Mercatox and Coinexchange.

Developers have also pointed out on their website that investors can access Dentacoins by participating in the digital tokens ICO which was announced in October 2017.

In the most recent trading for DCN the token has climbed 2.87% and is trading at a valuation of $0.000298. Market cap is $97M and the 24 hour volume for the digital token is $89,156. Dentacoin last saw market cap soar above $1B on January 8, 2018 when it reached $1.768B.


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