What Is Crypviser (CVCoin) And Why Is It Trending?

Crypviser (CVCoin) seems to be awakening currently and few people seem to understand why. A little digging suggests a few possible answers but before we explore them, let’s take a look at the token itself.

CVCoin launched its long awaited Crypviser Decentralized Secure Messenger for the Blockchain on April 30, 2018 to much fanfare and applause from the developers and users that were waiting in the wings for the launch.

The launch was unique for the simple reason that to date, CVCoin is the only digital token/network that has built itself as a communications platform. In the case of CVCoin, developers have branded it “the most secure social and business communication network on the blockchain.” Bold statement indeed, but from the main website housing all the pertinent information, the developers behind CVCoin seem prepared to back up their claim.


The first evidence of this how developers of CVCoin have staked their future on the underlying strength oif the blockchain. CVCoin is fully decentralized, something that is crucial if user data is going to be protected. Thanks to the widespread distribution of users’ encrypted data over many thousands of individual computers, data breaches are pretty much not an issue. Would-be hackers would have a tough time hacking into CVCoin’s decentralized database because no single server would yield sufficient packets of information to enable a data grab. That’s point one.

Point two is the anonymous nature of CVCoin. Developers for the communication network have avoided the 21st century’s biggest gateway for the data-steals that plague users of modern technology: phone numbers and SMS. Users of CVCoin’s communication network are not required to submit a phone number; nor are they required to verify via SMS, a practice that has presented privacy challenges for other applications on the blockchain.

Dovetailing perfectly into the secure and anonymous nature of how Crypviser works, is the platforms highly secure encryption protocol. This protocol is based on authentic end-to-end encryption that is thoroughly connected to the blockchain, but at the same time utilizing the very latest encryption algorithms across the tech spectrum. CVCoin developers have also made another boast: “We haven’t found any solution on the market yet, that offers an equal level of professional protection.”

There’s a good reason developers for this network have so much confidence. The reason it seems lie in their comprehensive communications offering cvcointhat is built into Crypviser. As of right now, Crypviser is a proper all-in-one solution for big-time communication on the latest technology. Its blockchain architecture has enabled a level of deployment that perhaps wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago. Users can instant message, use active voice communications or send video calls. These calls are full HD too, something that is a milestone achievement on the blockchain. Users who want to use Crypviser for conferencing can do so easily using the networks group calling features. But that’s not the only thing developers have packed into the capacity of CVCoin.

Users are also able to use the secure crypto wallet which offers local protection features and a wide-open access platform where users can join in a secure and user-friendly way via applications built on the Crypviser protocol. Users of the wallet are able to send and receive money in a completely secure and anonymous environment. Managing funds is also easy thanks to the data-blocks – heavily encrypted – that help facilitate large scale fund management on the platform. There’s also file sharing, a feature which helps CVCoin ride the wave of user culture in today’s sharing ecosystem.

Naturally the strong features embedded in Crypviser have caused a surge in interest for the digital token proper. The coin is currently priced at $2.07 after pulling back from a high of $3.16 on June 1, 2018. Traders and investors will be watching CVCoin closely over the coming weeks.

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