Creepy food museum opens in Sweden as they display bull’s penis as an attraction

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Food galleries are the best. But disgusting food just doesn’t cut it. The foul aroma of bull penis and other disgusting dishes is leaving people sick. A new Disgusting Food Museum is scaring people away with their horrendous dishes.

Although, anyone thinking to enter this new attraction in Malmo, Sweden may be relieved to know that the entrance tickets also double up as sick bags.

The horrific dishes on display include; maggots in cheese, a dead mouse in Chinese wine, grasshoppers and Vegemite. Besides that, there are also stuffed guinea pigs, dry turtle soup, soybeans fermented with bacteria, spicy rabbit heads and fruit bat soup.

However, it’s the Icelandic fermented shark that tastes like chewing a urine-infested mattress. Yuck! The curator of the Disgusting Food Museum said, “Anthony Bourdain, the late TV personality, called it the single most disgusting thing he’d ever eaten and I totally agree with him.”

The museum has this collection of bizarre food which aims to challenge the perceptions of taste. This is so they can help visitors contemplate on why one’s culture’s abomination is another’s delicacy. “Has anyone thrown up here at the museum? Yes, twice.” Mr West added comfortably.

He went further to say, “We had a preopening VIP party and somebody was played around with a photo booth where we pumped some stinky smells in their face and take photos of them. Somebody vomited then and also yesterday someone vomited when we opened a can of fermented herring.” Mr West seemed pleased with his works.

“But it’s okay to vomit because our entry tickets are not really tickets they’re printed on vomit bags so everybody carries around a vomit bag with them in case they feel sick.” He added with so much enthusiasm.

Among other disgusting displays, there were grasshoppers, cooked animal skulls and other body parts. There were also eyeballs. All these were on display in pots or on boards. Asides these, there is Scottish haggis, made from sheep innards and Sweden’s smelly Surstromming fermented herring. This is nauseating.

The Asian foods available include the strong-smelling Durian fruit and stinky tofu. From the Pacific Ocean archipelago of Palau, the fruit bat soup was born. The Latino dishes aren’t left out. They include Mexico’s Menudo tripe soup as well as Peru’s roasted guinea pigs, known as Cuy. It is fascinating to know that these are actual dishes eaten by actual people.

A visitor named Daniel Johncock from Adelaide in Australia said: “When I first arrived I was doubtful but I really ended up enjoying it. I think it was fun to walk around and read about all different disgusting foods around the world. It was also fun to smell and see.” “It was more than just watching on Discovery. It was worth it and good.”, he added joyfully.

Vegemite is one of the most loved foods in Australia and is displayed in the museum. Mr West said: “There would be no disgusting food museum without Vegemite”. The museum sure did have a lot of visitors interested to see such foods displayed in a museum.


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