Cellular virus that attacks America can ruin phones. How to avoid it?

Loapi, is a virus discovered by the cybersecurity company (Russian) Kaspersky Lab. It spreads through ads that pretend to be antivirus or applications for adults and can get to disable mobile phones.

Loapi affects Android devices and is multidisciplinary so it can have an impact on several phone features.

It was discovered by the cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab which ensures that so far the countries of Latin America where there has been a greater number of contaminated devices are Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Panama and Peru.

Mexico is the fourth country most affected worldwide by malware that has spread to the United States and some countries in Europe.

Loapi spreads through ads that pretend to be antivirus or applications for adults and has a very complicated architecture.

Once installed, it asks for the administrator’s rights to take control of the device and thus be able to install modules that affect different functions of the phone.

The malicious actions that this virus can perform are:

Allows the reception of invasive advertising

Control text messages

Subscribing to paid services by SMS without leaving a trace

Allows you to carry out DDoS attacks that flood a site with junk traffic until you can not receive more visits

Uses phone resources such as energy and internet connection to create monero, a cryptocurrency


This complex virus also eliminates its enemies.

If you find a dedicated application to get rid of malware, it will send you fake messages ensuring that the app has a malicious software and will ask you to delete it. If you refuse to do so, it will increase the number of warnings until you finish deleting it.

Nikita Buchka, security expert at Kaspersky Lab says that this virus is a kind of all-terrain.

“Loapi has incorporated almost every possible feature in its design to be able to use it for different types of malicious activity with the intention of making illegal money.”

Buchka says that although the virus does not have the ability to access credit card data, it “can destroy the phone” because it dominates all its functions, leaving it inoperative.

During tests to detect the attack capacity of this virus, Kaspersky Lab found that it also generates a workload so large that the terminal warms up and deforms the battery.

mobile fire

How to protect yourself

When the phone is damaged it is very difficult to eliminate the virus, warns the security company.

Loapi has the ability to protect itself and as soon as you try to recover the administrator rights of the terminal, the malware will block the screen of the device and close the window.

From the technological recommend to take the following actions before it is too late:

Disable the option that allows the automatic installation of applications

Make sure you have the latest version of your operating system. Companies perfect them to reduce vulnerabilities

If your phone is already compromised, the company recommends installing an antivirus of a recognized brand that offers guarantees

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