Can Elastos (ELA) Make the Web Smarter?

Many digital tokens that are built on the platform make the claim that their technology, however deployed, is a revolutionary slice of the cryptocurrency space. But when everyone says that about their cryptocurrency it becomes meaningless; that is, of course, if your currency and platform is Elastos (ELA).

So what is ELA?

Billed as the safe reliable internet of the future, ELA has emerged as a truly revolutionary take on the distribution of applications across the internet in a secure safe and scalable way. The platform itself sits on top the blockchain and is seen both by its developers and the general user-base, as a genuinely safe place – the safest place, in fact – where decentralized applications can reside on the internet on full scalable capacity all while extending use and access to millions and millions of users.

The big crux of the ELA ethos is the extent to which the platform empowers millions of people through the wealth of ownership paradigm. In one decentralized market crypto environment, millions of users can exchange and benefit from the free movement of digital assets and personal data. It’s a complete reimagining of the smart web idea that emerged a few years ago and it gives users the development and expansion capacity that has been hitherto unheard of the digital currency space.

But how does ELA deliver all this practically?

ELA developers have drawn from the power of the blockchain to create a trust-environment that is fully decentralized and digitized. This brings together not just individual users, but also the full spectrum of websites, devices, and digital assets. This is in some ways a unique breakaway from the general deployment of the blockchain. In most deployments the blockchain acts a residence for tokens only, housing for the scaling of usability tokens in a marketplace. ELA has seen beyond the common value of the blockchain and is deploying it in a very real and practical way – to develop a smarter web.

This smarter web driving force is anchored on the back of the Elastos runtime, a lightweight operating system that runs on mobile devices as well as PCs. This unique blockchain entrusted runtime creates a trust-firewall that prevents applications from directly accessing the internet. The lightweight feature of the runtime also guarantees a greater and broader distribution of the platform into the future, something developers new to the ELA platform will no doubt welcome.

The runtime is further strengthen buy the presence of the Elastos carrier, a decentralized peer-to-peer communication facilitator that enables the sharing of information between and on behalf of applications. This is done via the integrated and share distribution halo of a virtual machine environment.

ELA rounds out the platform pillars for Elastos with the Elastos Software Development Kit (SDK). And while an SDK isn’t new – they’ve been an important part of the open web and the scalability of platforms such as Android – ELA has given the tool new meaning in the era and context of the blockchain. ELA’s SDK allows users to access IDS and the Elastos carrier service on the fully decentralized Smart Web.

The development of ELA has caught the attention of investors and traders too and their interest in the token has been reflected in recent trading. After struggling below $40 for a good part of the last 30 days, ELA has regained its strength and is currently trading for around $44.It reached a high of $62.21 on May 5, signaling, perhaps, that investors and traders are now ready to take their confidence in the platform and token higher still. ELA is definitely an interesting platform to keep an eye on.

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