Can Bitmark (BTM2) Create A New Paradigm For Digital Rights?

Up 69.06% over the last 24 hours, Bitmark (BTM2) has been generating strong interest from traders and investors so we thought it would be a good idea to explore possible reasons behind the sudden uptick. What we found suggested that BTM2 could become a solid cryptocurrency; but before we delve into that, let’s explore the origins and makeup of this digital token.

According to the main website for BTM2, the platform/token was created to fulfill the purpose of helping digital rights holders manage their digital properties and facilitate their transition into the data economy. It appears that the philosophy driving the token and the community behind it is rooted in the idea that data is the next major asset class.

Bitmark (BTM2)The founding ethos of BTM2 is based on the rich history of intellectual property and the fortunes that it have sprung from the growth of ownership. The agricultural revolution created a demand unprecedented at the time which eventually grew to represent more than $217T in value for real estate. The industrial revolution sparked another round of value growth which eventually saw intellectual property reaching total value of $7.1T in the US alone.

The big question now is how big crypto property will go and that is why the developers of BTM2 have built a platform and coin from such a lofty vision of the future of crypto property. The core idea is that everyone should be able to tap into the digital revolution and benefit directly from the value that they create in tapping into that great pool of digital technology. The platform itself is based on a proprietary system which consists of a web-based application. This web-based application is supported by a full suite of tools that provides the access gateway for anyone looking to claim a piece of the exploding digital pie.

The mission is pushed higher by the vision and goal of the developers of the coin. The thrust of the goal is to empower digital ownership in a way not made possible before. This is an ambitious goal that certainly has on the surface a strong humanitarian slant to it.

The language used by developers suggests that the goals are not just based on some catchy phrase, but rather well positioned on sound principles ofBitmark (BTM2) freedom, fairness and democracy. As stated on the main website, BTM2 is designed and implemented with an expressed provision for enabling a new level of control over the digital life. It’s a purpose-built system designed for the individual – an empowerment that is needed now more than ever.

The strong ethos hasn’t gone unnoticed. As of right now the token itself has been attracting the interest of traders and investors alike. As mentioned at the start, BTM2 has erupted over the last 24 hours. It is currently trading at $0.2567 having traded over $0.40 for most of May and coming into June. On June 6 the token reached a high of $0.8848 signaling to many, perhaps, that the token had finally turned a corner. The eventual pullback, which brought the token down to a low of $0.14, was only very recently. The rally now is a move that not many analysts talked about either. So far many have missed the upside unfolding in the token. BTM2 has a market cap of $2.28M and has around 32% of its total coin capacity in circulation. This positions the token b for further growth down the road. BTM2 will be on the radar of many traders and investors going forward.




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