Bitcoins and renewable energies, in the sights of the Rofex futures market

After a year with record results in the dollar and Merval futures markets, the Rofex market is betting on new scenarios such as the custody of bitcoin and the derivatives of renewable energies.

“Within the new products the idea is to be able to move forward with the custody of bitcoin, via Blockchain,” said Télam Andrés Ponte, president of Rofex, adding that they are working to achieve this goal “in the first weeks or months of the year” .

He also announced that they are exploring “something in renewable energy derivatives”. “It’s greener but it’s one of the options we’re going to work on,” he said in relation to a segment with high development potential in the coming years.

The new targets will be developed “without neglecting the segments where the futures are already consolidated as it is in dollar or Merval futures”, said Ponte and highlighted the results achieved during 2017.

In 2017, more than 147 million dollar futures and options contracts were traded, “absolute record, equivalent to US $ 147,000 million of notional value.” Compared with 2016, operations expanded by 31% and more than doubled the volume traded in 2015 “, said Rofex in his annual balance report. “In this way, volume in financial derivatives experienced its third consecutive year of growth”, highlighted the work.

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