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What is Waltonchain (WTC)?

waltonchain (WTC)

Waltonchain has made a bold new promise in the era of monetizing and scaling the blockchain. It’s done it on a totally different paradigm to most developed tokens on the blockchain. Using the Internet of Things, Waltonchain (WTC) is looking to make the Value of the Internet of Things (VIOT) a mainstream thing. Developers believe that they’ve created the perfect ...

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The Technical Power of RChain (RHOC)

RChain (RHOC)

The blockchain and digital currencies in general, tend to be high on the technical side. Few outsiders can process the vast depth of meaning and rules that help drive the brave new world of money forward. This drive forward is handled differently by different players. Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have vastly different approaches to deploying currency and applications on ...

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How Vertcoin (VTC) Solves An Important Problem

Vertcoin (VTC)

The digital currency space is beset with a host of issues but none so as pressing as the speed and security of transactions. Although Bitcoin has led the way in most areas of the development of digital currencies, there have been few developers on the blockchain that have tackled the problem head on. Vertcoin (VTC) is making bold moves in ...

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Can Emercoin (EMC) Make Bitcoin (BTC) Better?

Emercoin (EMC)

Bitcoin set the standard for cryptocurrencies, introducing the world to a new way of looking at money, while simultaneously lighting the way to the future of money. But Bitcoin hasn’t solved all the problems that the world will have as it translates the blockchain into a workable and scalable force. Thankfully there are digital tokens that are stepping up in ...

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Can Augur (REP) Predict The Future?

Cryptocurrencies have emerged for a vast array of uses, some uses of which technology not even as much as hinted as possibilities. There are digital tokens and platforms geared towards ridding the world of disease; others have been created to empower minorities. All in all, the trend is to create digital currencies and their accompanying platforms to serve some higher ...

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Kucoin (KCS) Aims To Transform Digital Currency Trading

kucoin kcs

It’s billed as the digital cryptocurrency exchange for the masses; a place where ordinary people can get in on the action and buy, sell and hold onto their own slice of digital currency history. Such is the awesome promise of the exchange called Kucoin (KCS) and it has left the question open: can there really be a democratic, open and ...

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Did Tezos (XTZ) Just Annihilate The Competition?

Tezos (XTZ)

The cryptocurrency space is competitive. So competitive in fact, that those currencies that have already established themselves are constantly trying to keep the new upstarts at bay. We see this with Bitcoin (BTC) and its efforts to keep other currencies like Ethereum (ETH).  In terms of ranking and popularity, there are at least 10 other digital tokens that are snatching ...

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Is A Universal Wallet Really Possible With Ethos (ETHOS)?

Ethos (ETHOS)

Aside from security, one of the biggest issues facing cryptocurrencies is universality. A few developers have tried to fix this problem with interoperability protocols, but few have actually made any real progress in nailing done the inherent practical difficulties associated with creating something truly universal. Ethos (ETHOS) is looking to change all that and its developers have deployed a platform ...

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Can Omisego (OMG) Merge Fiat With Digital Tokens?

Omisego (OMG)

Omisego (OMG) is a digital currency and platform that promises to unbanked the bank. According to the main pitch page for the token, OMG enables financial inclusion and interoperability. All this is done via a public, decentralized network. But how good is this token? And what does it bring to the table that no other currency in the crypto space ...

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What Is Ardor (ARDR)?


The blockchain is the top-level system that powers all the digital tokens from Bitcoin (BTC) to the latest yet to be named digital currency. But what about child chains? Child chains are light blockchains that help create another level of deployment of the blockchain and Ardor (ARDR) is looking to make such possibilities a part of the mainstream conversation. So ...

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