What Is Ardor (ARDR)?

The blockchain is the top-level system that powers all the digital tokens from Bitcoin (BTC) to the latest yet to be named digital currency. But what about child chains? Child chains are light blockchains that help create another level of deployment of the blockchain and Ardor (ARDR) is looking to make such possibilities a part of the mainstream conversation.

So what is ARDR?

ardr ardor

The platform was created a public blockchain to help facilitate the deployment by individual developers, of smaller scale blockchain projects. The sub-chain upon which ARDR users can tap into and build their applications is called Nxt. This sub-platform has assured users that its main security protocol will be handled by ARDR proper and a credible and workable child chain has already been launched to make the whole thing a reality. This initial child chain is called Ignis and is being tipped as the child chain to beat in the global race to deploy the blockchain in the most effective and efficient way possible.

So far the rich feature set fort Ardor has started to take hold. These include a few stellar features.

There is for instance, the one parent chain concept. This sees all child chains operating in a decentralized manner, but ultimately linking back to the great parent chain controlled by Ardor which is ultimately fed into the blockchain.

Ardor has also create a built-in proof-of-stake protocol for which ARDR acts as the main point of sale token for users of not just the main chain, but the whole child chain ecosystem that becomes a part of the larger parent ecosystem. This rich feature has helped to set Ardor apart from some of the pretenders in the blockchain who claim to be doing the same child chain development.

ARDR also has a very dynamic system for managing accounts. Under the current developed system, user accounts are distributed widely across all child chains. This setup acts in concert with the larger parent account system and helps users with accounts to maintain balances across both ecosystems. This feature allows users to maintain and trade their assets across a multiplicity of platform architecture, often a limitation in some coins whether they are on the main blockchain or not.

But ARDR isn’t just about standard functionality and features. Developed have dug deep, imbuing the token with features that put it well above the growth curve for digital currencies. One such feature is the transaction type protocol that allows users to perform stock splits and increase capital base as they see fit. Transaction security has been given army-like encryption with all transactions flowing through 256-bit transaction hashes. This is a step up from the typical transaction identifiers that are common in most blockchains.

All this of course has catapulted ARDR into the conversation about innovative digital tokens. This high profile has translated well into trader and investor interest and has helped to drive trading in the digital token. The coin has seen valuation soar to $0.26 over the last 30 days. This high has been sustained for pretty much a week since it was created on June 3. Since then there has been one major pullback, a dip that saw the token lose about half of the value of its high on June 24 when it dipped to $0.13. Now much will be expected of the token that is expected to permanently change the game in terms of the mini-deployment of the blockchain. Market cap is currently $137M and of the total supply of coins (1B), 999M are in circulation.


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