What Is Aion (AION) And Why Should Digital Currency Investors Care?

Blockchain is the engine that is driving the digital currency explosion but it isn’t without its problems. A few of the problems actually expose quite a lot of digital tokens to vulnerabilities and these vulnerabilities can affect the entire ecosystem.

Aion (AION) is one of the few digital tokens that have stepped up to the plate and is now looking to fix a few of the more pressing problems faced by the blockchain network. The digital token was founded by a team called Nuco, an outfit which itself was founded by a crew of Deloitte executives working on blockchain back in 2016.

AION was founded with a very precise set of aims, the overall objective of which is to strengthen blockchain networks and make the ecosystem more stable. The founding principle was based on two main pillars. Aion

The first is the idea that the digital token itself should be multi-tiered. The levels of tiers upon which many blockchain platforms are built has long since been a problem for developers. The narrow build-out can create all sorts of cross-networking issues and this fact was instrumental in the thinking of the founding members of AION. The multi-tiered nature of AION has allowed developers to create a very dynamic avenue for responding to blockchain loads and challenges.

The second pillar, though somewhat subordinate to the first, is the issue of resolving the inherent problem of scalability suffered by the blockchain. Developers inside the blockchain ecosystem have long called for a more robust network so that operations, i.e. tokens, can be developed and scaled rapidly to reach lots of people. The fix for this problem has been slow in emerging, leading to many failures ion the real world. It is not uncommon for instance, to have promised processing times of transactions slip to the right by as much as 30 to 50%. What is promised as seconds can quickly develop into a minutes-long wait for one simple transaction to go through. AION has moved swiftly to establish itself as the antidote to this problem and its promised infrastructural solutions is fast catching on.


Another pillar, again subordinate to the first pillar, is the issue of fixing the interoperability issues that have plagued the blockchain for quite some time. This inability for deployed networks and tokens to carefully and systematically work together has led to a general fracturing of the blockchain networks and ecosystem. This fracturing means there are now significant deployments of digital currencies that though run on the blockchain, have no real way of talking to each other. This is obviously a problem and so the developers at AION have developed their platform to fix this problem.

AION has staked its claim to fix all these issues under what its founders have called the full decentralization of the internet. It’s an audacious enterprise, one which if sufficiently successful, could usher in a new era for the stabilizing of blockchain and the accompanying ecosystem of tokens and platforms.

So far investors have paid attention and this has brought AION into play for many would-be traders and investors of the digital token. The one-month profile for the token is very strong and AION has seen its valuation swing between a low of $2.56 on March 19, to a high of $3.13 recently achieved on April 17. Along the way the token has dipped to really low levels, reaching $1.83 on April 1. Investors seemed to have stepped up in supporting the cryptocurrency and recent trading has made the numbers very compelling. AION can be found on most digital currency trading networks.


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