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A Steak Taco to Remember – If you thought Taco Tuesdays were over the top, then you wouldn’t believe this story until you see the pictures!



Reddit user, Incredibly Shiny Shart, has a story for you that could change the way you think about food, friendship, and finding closure! Three years

ago, Shiny was in a car accident and had to have his foot amputated. Most of us would have given the limb a burial or had it cremated. Not him, though!

He took it home with him and threw a party where the foot wasn’t just going to be the main attraction ­­– it was also on the menu! You see, he had extended an invitation to ten of closest friends. After feasting on tarts and quiche, they were to dine on their friend’s appendage. Shiny had made tacos out of his leg.

Once he got it released from the hospital, Shiny stored his leg in the freezer. Of course, before that could be done, he had to clean the blood and iodine off it. To no one’s surprise, Shiny found the job puke-inducing, but he soldiered through along with four of his friends. When it was time for the foot to go into the freezer, he discovered that most of the skin had already sloughed off. This made the next part that much easier but no less weird, said Shiny.

Since he wasn’t doing anything illegal, Shiny felt confident about sharing a very rare experience with his buddies. This was a chance for them to consume human meat ethically and they weren’t given it up. A friend’s boyfriend even offered to be the one to make a meal out of Shiny’s limb.


The chef chose to marinate the meat overnight before sautéing it. Accompanying it were other ingredients, including lime juice and onions. The dish was to be served as tacos with a tomatillo sauce. Since Shiny literally put his foot in his mouth, people have been curious as to how it tasted. According to him, it was beefy, chewy, but not bad.

Jokes were cracked about Shiny being inside his friends and them pooping him out the next day. But that was just another day for the gang involved in this experience. What Shiny hadn’t expected was the sense of closure on the accident that he felt after the meal. He didn’t deny that he was fortunate enough not to sustain any other major damages. But being thrown at a speed of 45 miles per hour can change a person.

Letting the doctors remove his leg hadn’t been an easy decision to make for Shiny. It took him a week to come around even when he knew he wouldn’t be able to walk on it again. He thinks the incident has changed him and made him appreciate life and the people in it. His friends and family members were there for him every step of the way. However, he felt he owed his faithful appendage a proper send-off.

Shiny thinks the accident has made his life better in many ways. He left his town, the job he hated, and even changed states. Shiny is now in a stable relationship with a woman who makes him happy. He gives credit to the life-altering meal! Do you think he is right to do so?

Want to see how it all went down? Then click here, but we’d advise doing that on an empty stomach!

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