2017 was the safest year for civil aviation

The 2017 was the safest year for civil aviation since 1946 began to record statistics of plane crashes, indicated two specialized agencies in their reports released on Monday.

With a total of 10 accidents in civilian passenger transport aircraft that left 144 dead, 2017 “is the safest year of all time due to both the number of accidents and the number of victims,” ​​said the specialized site Aviation Safety Network (ASN)

In 2016 there were 16 accidents and 303 deaths, he recalled.

The statistics published by the ASN only concern the commercial civil passenger transport and freight devices enabled to carry at least 14 passengers. That’s why the accident of a Burmese military plane on June 7 that caused 122 deaths was not included.

The deadliest accident for a civilian aircraft was the one that left 12 dead in Costa Rica on December 31, the last day taken into account by the statistics.

Five of the disasters accounted for corresponded to freight aircraft and five to passenger aircraft. ASN said that, according to its provisional figures, in 2017 there were 36.8 million flights worldwide, which gives a ratio of one fatal accident every 7.36 million passenger transport flights.

If the set of accidents in military aircraft and non-commercial flights were taken into account, the number of victims would rise to 230 in a total of 24 accidents, said the same agency, which would still maintain 2017 as the safest year in the history of aviation, according to ASN.

“Last year was another exceptionally good year for safety in civil aviation,” said Adrian Young, a researcher at the Dutch agency To70, which specializes in aviation, which published another study focused on the devices of more than 5.7 tons that transport passengers

The plane continues to be the safest means of transport: with an estimated 3% increase in air traffic compared to 2016, the probability of dying in a commercial airplane accident is “one in 16 million flights,” according to Young .

But the report of the To70 agency, present in Europe, Australia, Asia and Latin America, stressed that “despite the good news”, the low accident rate last year should be seen as a “stroke of luck”.

“Statistically, with more than 30 million flights, there is very little difference between two accidents and ten accidents,” said Adrian Young, who warned that numerous electronic devices in travelers’ luggage are a source of concern due to fire risks. or explosion of lithium batteries.

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