10,000 Euros for apology flowers to taxpayers

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It’s always great to apologize in unique and heart felt ways. But it’s also wise to keep the purpose of apologising with a gift in mind. You don’t just go around sharing cards or sweets to your workers because you offended them. There are more important things. A tax company in the UK, HMRC spent a large sum on some irrelevant gift as an apology to its workers. Now, this is absurd and a bit foolish if you ask me.

Before I tell you how much and its equivalent to some low-valued currency, let me tell you the gift. Now this money was spent on purchasing flowers to appease the tax payers in the company. Ten thousand Euros was used to purchase the flowers. What large amount for just flowers you probably grow at the back of your garden.

According to the taxman, the flowers worth over 10,000 Euros were sent to the taxpayers door steps for over five years. He was deeply criticised but defended himself and said it was a form of personal gesture for all the wrong the company had done. There are better stuff to compensate with than flowers.

Based on the information given by the Daily Telegraph, the tax company,  HMRC paid florists a total of 10,298 Euros between the years of 2014 till 2018, this present year. Over 3,149 Euros were used up on getting the flowers in the space of one year alone. Yeah, its a kind gesture but is it smart one?

Some of the mistakes made were reported by the newspaper. It said that one of the past errors made were sending the owner of a cafe from Stockport a bill of close to 1 billion euros and flowers were also sent to a pensioner that was due a tax of 800 euros but received a £1 cheque instead. Now the people who campaigned complained that what was spent was evidence of the need for an easy tax system to avoid the blinders from the HMRC tax company.

This gave a lot of taxpayers a huge laugh as the chief executive of the Tax Payers Alliance said it was a ridiculous and stupid way of apologising to the hard laboured taxpayers who have constantly been let down by the system. The best thing they company could have done was get staff that avoid such silly errors in the first place. The taxing system in the UK is already complex enough so it doesn’t need such negligence from companies like HMRC that can’t administer it properly.

Some taxpayers like the idea of the flowers because it was a kind gesture. However, it’s all the same inappropriate because it doesn’t fix or make amends to the past errors. The mistakes made affected many customers finances. It’s sort of a pity and also a heed to the government to really work on the tax system in the UK. Also, as for the flowers, they’ll end up withering away in the some dusty corner in someone’s home.

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